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Really running can be a social thing?

So I started my working out to loose weight and get into shape and not live the crappy life I had been living. Crappy health wise that is, everything else about it wasn’t so bad. I was Mr. Social before all of this, and I have always been someone that enjoys talking to people and getting out there with people and doing things. Just that most of them up until this point didn’t include physical activity. One of the reasons I have been scuba diving for years was more to do with the social side of things and hanging out with buddies. If you would have told me there was a social side to running I would have laughed at you. Well I would have laughed at you for just mentioning running all together. Even though one of my dive buddies has done it for years. We would dive and then pack up our gear and get things ready for the next days dive and he would take off for a run, said it helped to keep his blood sugars in line as a diabetic. We would drink beer and watch him take off, probably even made fun of him.

Long story short (is that even possible for me) Shortly after learning to run a few years later, I was able to help my friend put on a learn to run group. I was so excited when she asked me to get out and help others like me make a lifestyle change. I could share with them my experience and relate directly to them about how hard it was when I started and how I never thought I would be a runner or how I would managed to even run 5km non stop. Soon I was going to 5k races and talking to other runners who would even cheer on the slow fat guy like me. Well I lost weight and I managed to get a bit faster and that is all good. But I loved finishing up the race and just talking to all the positive people around that were on the same personal high in life after finishing a race. Soon race day didn’t become stressful but more of a social thing.

This summer  we had a few more run clinics and more socializing and we did our first pub run put on by the Up & Running Crew of Kim and Matt Wood. 6 bars 5-6km of running, silly prizes and games and some drinking too. Yes I won a Princess crown and I wore it for the rest of the run, go ahead make fun of me but I am a good sport and I like having fun. Well just this last Friday Kim and Matt put on our second Pubrrrrun for a winter pub run. Although the weather wasn’t too bad it was another great event with just shy of 40 people. Can you believe that in this small not so healthy community we live in 40 people showed up for a run. With more people wishing they could have joined, but previous obligations did not allow. Some cool games prizes and fun swag was supplied by Up & Running.  Kim and Matt will be opening Chatham’s first and only true Running Store shortly. See link at side of my page. Our local running community is growing and I am happy to be a part of it. My social network is changing along with my lifestyle and it is changing for the better.


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FEAR – face it like a 5 year old

So what does it take to do a Half Ironman you might ask? How much time am I going to have to invest into this? And can I even do it? Well I would to tell you the answer is 1. Not much 2. Very little and 3. Sure you can. But I am afraid that 2 of those answers are probably not true and the 3rd one is speculation. However if you are willing to commit yourself then yes you can do it. Now I have never done one myself so don’t trust me. But you can believe in me and what I have to say, because when I set my mind on doing something I get the job done.

I would say step one is to believe in yourself and you can do anything. Any of us can do anything we want to. There is only one thing and one thing only holding you back “FEAR” and lets face it in today’s society  we are afraid to even talk to each other with out using a cell phone to text. I am completely guilty myself. But the only thing you really have to fear is turning 60 or 70 years old and looking back and saying “What have I done with my life? ” or  “I wish I would have done this or done that.” Well I say get up and embrace your damn fears and go out and do it.

Let me forewarn you there is a good chance of failure. You are going to fall down, you are going to make mistakes, you are not going to be perfect. How you deal with these setbacks will determine if you fail or not. Failure is giving up completely when things don’t go your way or the outcome isn’t as suspected and you just give up. Winning is falling down and getting back up again, kind of like when you learned to ride a bike. Watch a kid for a day and see what they are like. Let go of your fears like a kid and learn to do something new and you might be surprised. That and be prepared to work at it.  There is my motivational speech for the min.

I am in what is call “Base Building” phase of my triathlon plan for 2012 this is that slowly building up easy miles and doing cross training along with eating right and getting back into some shape after time off from my half marathon. This should answer the first two questions a bit. I started out about 4 weeks ago getting back on track. That week I managed about 340 mins of working out. Building each week until I managed to get to 425 mins this week. And this is the darn base building stage. What have I gotten myself into?

It takes time and commitment on your part and this is also where fear is good. Fear of failure will likely cause me to over train a bit and I will have to rely on some veteran racing friends to help keep me in check. This is going to be tough year to get there and my family is supporting me which is great because the training really takes away some time from them. By Family I mean my wife and my dog.

You too can lead a healthy lifestyle and take on these type of challenges and the reward will be like no other in your life. The sense of accomplishment will be amazing. I know deep down in side of me that I can do my first Half Ironman



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A Little History Lesson

About this time in 2010 I was well on my way to the same New Years resolution we all make over and over again. I am going to start eating right and loosing weight. Seems simple, right? Only I made that same damn resolution for the past 8 years and started out ok or so I thought it was ok. I ate veggies, didn’t eat fast food and we weighed ourselves and started a weight tracker in excel along with measuring parts of our body. NO not that part of my body it is too small to measure. You people are a bunch of perverted individuals.

Anyways I had spent the summer leading up to 2010 New Years hearing about a girl my wife had for Co-Op doing some running, biking and swimming and she was going to do a Try a Tri. Not to knock her but she didn’t look like the stereotypical Athlete type I would imagine did this. Not that she was way out of shape. She just made me look at it and think. Hey a mere mortal can do something like this. Now I wasn’t even at mere mortal stage myself. I had peaked weight about 279lbs on my home scale. And had come back down to about the 265 lb range and was happy there. At my height that is a lot of extra lovin going on there.

 So I made my mind up that I was going to do this Try a Tri as well. I ignored it until about March where I started reading about triathlon and managed to get on a Forum called Beginner Triathlete and read more. I also ran into friends that said they were running and doing well. They took on a couch to 5k program and learned how to run. So I did this as well. Started this couch to 5k program and got back on my bike riding it.

I started to truly learn about food and eating and working out. I mean I really went at educating myself on how to do things right. I mean damn over 15 years in Engineering I decided to treat my body as a design of experiment. I would make input changes and record data and evaluate and modify based on the inputs and outputs. Sounds complicated yet simple at the same time. But really it isn’t. The biggest thing I had to teach myself to do was accept food as FUEL not as entertainment, or a means to deal with emotional stress or mindless eating. All of which I still do, I am an emotional eater. Are you?

I will go into further details on my weight loss and eating as time goes on. Fast forward to 2012 and I am 210lbs and I will be under 200 for my 2012 Triathlon, Half Marathon season.


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Too Cool for Core

So my wife is on her own adventure of weight loss and getting in shape. She prefers the gym and classes at good life and has made lots of new friends there and found her own thing. But there was an awesome deal from a local bootcamp instructor here that I met last year. 12 classes for $40 and my wife and some friends wanted to try it.

I have been severely slacking Since about October. New job, new routine and what is called Offseason. I am still learning about offseason, it is where you relax a bit from training spend time with loved ones, eating lots of bad foods, gaining some weight and playing video games. Really it is supposed to be a sanity break from all the training but I am struggling with it. I did a solid job of packing on 12 pounds through it and playing lots of Call of Duty and dropping Fbombs while getting my ass kicked by a 12 year old.

So I said sure lets try this bootcamp. I need core work and I am not very good at doing P90X at home. We get there and we are ready to give this a try. The instructor and I have a conversation about core work. And he knows my training has been Swim, Bike, Run and I am guilty. So he asks me. Are you too cool for core? and then he cranks up the music and we are off bare foot. Running, Skipping rope,Squats, TRX, Wind Sprints Medicine Balls, pull downs, Planks, And F*&KING BURPEES. I can’t even count how many Burpees I did with an abacus. And when you are running around he has this angry bird burpee stuffed animal he throws at you. If you don’t catch it. Boom center of the room 10 Burpees. Of course he doesn’t throw it at you when you are looking. He threw it at my wife she struggled a bit with 10 burpees as we were getting to the end and getting tired, so he gave her a discount and only had to do 5. As soon as she stood up he hit her again. Said Discount only do 5. So she ended up doing her 10 anyways. He pays pretty good attention to people and changes it up as soon as you are really starting to struggle.

The next day my training buddy. Crap what was her name.. oh ya Svetlana, I can’t get used to this, the name is weird but funny. Got home from Winter vacation and decided we were going to swim 3300 meters. A bit ambitious if you ask me, I managed to squeak out 1850 meters in a solid 60 mins of swimming with kicking drills. I HATE kicking but I need it badly. My calves were already sore from Bootcamp.

It is now Saturday Morning and I am still sore from Core. I am not sure if I am Too Cool for Core. But FML I am Too Sore for Core. I will be going back Monday. I am going to try to run 8-9k today with these sore calves and see how it goes. Stay Tuned for more adventures.

Oh and I had Bran for breakfast I hope it kicks in before or after my run not during my run.

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Soooooo I signed up for my first Half Ironman Race

Ok So here is my first go a blog.. No wait actually it is my second. I never really managed to get my weight loss blog off the ground. I didn’t really point anyone towards it or tell many people. I did it as a blog to reflect on myself. My posts were too damn long and they didn’t even hold my attention when I went back to read them. But they are still important to me.

Long Story Short in the last 20 Months I have dropped 60+lbs. I have learned how to run, completed two mini sprint triathlons a few 5k races in 2010. In 2011 I completed 2 sprint distance Triathlons, Several 5k races and my first Half Marathon.

I have also started to help my friend put on learn to run clinics in our not so active city we live in. She who shall remain nameless, or was I supposed to change the names of all people in my blog to protect their rights. I can’t remember. Oh ya lets call her Svetlana because when I talked to her I am sure she was drinking and came up with this silly name on her own anyways.

She is a great person. A heck of a mentor when I was starting, a great friend and now my training partner in this silly idea she had. “So now that you have done all this we are going to sign up for a Half Ironman now, Right?” I am sure that isn’t verbatim. But somehow I damn well signed up for Revolution 3 Cedar Point Half Iron 2012. Keep in mind I am still short and fat. I don’t cover much ground while running with this GIANT 28″ inseam. Albeit I am not as fat as I was. But damn a Half Ironman race did you say. What was I thinking. This blog will help me capture that journey. Hopefully Inspire others to change their life like I have and meet new friends like I have. Not sure that is what most people would call sane but I was told it would be SUPERFUN… call me a sucker for punishment…But more of a Sucker for the overwhelming feeling of Accomplishment that will come. I just have to work for it first.

With my training partner by my side and my wife being very understanding of the amount of training time I put in, I have no choice but to succeed. I hope !!!! Lets be honest there is a bit of fear in me that I can’t complete this. 6-7 hours of Swimming, Biking and Running.

Stick around because I assure you this will be more fun for you then me.

Oh it may get Graphic and silly at times. I am forewarning you now in case I say something that shocks you. Because me in tight bike shorts is only the beginning.


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