But I don’t WANNA !

Ok first I apologize for no update in the last two weeks. I know I said weekly updates but….. Give a guy a break I am not perfect you know. Close but not quite. Ok ok pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing so you can read the rest of this. I was searching for a topic and this is a mix of two. First off the weather here in March has been amazing 60-70 degrees and sun has been out for days on end spoiling us. Compared to this time last year when I was still shoveling snow I will frigging take it. I have been locked up indoors riding a stationary bike going no where fast. I even convinced my training partner to sign up to an endurance spin class with me. To my surprise (she is going to hit me for this) She actually came to every class and did the whole thing. Not bad for someone that hates doing this group stuff indoors. Pretty happy she did actually.

With this weather we have pumped up the tires on our real bikes and finally managed to go out doors and start riding places so you feel like you are getting somewhere. I can’t begin to tell you how much better this feels to ride outside and see fields, barns, birds, ducks, and country side rather then hardwood floors and someone dripping sweat all around me. Wait that was my sweat puddle sorry. I can tell you the first few rides in the spring seem horrible even after doing a spin class. It was just back in the fall right before I put my bike away for the season I went out for a casual 70km bike ride like it was nothing. Last week 30km seemed to take forever to get through and it doesn’t help that spring is very windy here. We might not have hills in southern Ontario but we certainly have wind.

Today we had planed to go out and ride first thing in the morning. That was put on hold because it was cold and cloudy and wet outside. I was ok with that in a way, considering I was still sore from doing my track workout on Friday night. Who thought that was a good idea? (It will make you faster she says, This builds character, It’s good for us) What my training partner forgot to mention is it would hurt all weekend and I would walk no wait, Waddle like a penguin for the rest of the weekend. Well I ran out of excuses when the sun came out, the roads dried up, temperature went up and the wind picked up too. Something was telling me to stop making excuses and go ride. But I didn’t want to. Regardless I took my bike put on my helmet decided I would keep it in a low heart rate zone and ride for 90 mins. I went out into the country taking the wind almost head on and cussing every foul word you could think of. It was like a personal argument, half of me attempting to encourage myself and the other half of me dropping FBombs at myself. At my turn around point I got off to take care of some business (stupid wind made me pee on my hand, good thing I had water with me) But I snagged a great picture of my bike on a farm fence with a barn in the background. I spun around made my way home wind at my back, no longer swearing and actually singing. I can do this alone in the country no one out there realizes how bad my voice is, except for a few cows that run in the opposite direction. I got home and put on my running shoes right after and had a Great 4km run with Tina.

One thing that stands true every time even when I don’t Want to go run, ride, workout and I procrastinate. The days I suck it up and go, I feel so much better after. The days I give in to my PlayStation and sitting around, I feel guilty and tired and bored.

I am glad I sucked it up and went today.


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  1. Matt

    Wow, I know the feeling! I am probably the biggest suck when weather turns bad, or there’s something good on tv, or I can find some other weak excuse to avoid exercise. Once I get out, I never have any trouble pushing, and I always feel great (well, maybe not physically….) after. The days I skip a workout I feel sluggish and guilty. They say the first few steps are the hardest, and I absolutely believe that to be true. Good for you for getting out there!

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