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Eating and Weight loss

As I sit here drinking a tasty french press coffee with honey out of my 2012 Boston Marathon insulated coffee cup (Thanks Kim and Matt) I started thinking about covering a bit of food and what I eat in a typical day. Considering someone like me doesn’t get to just eat aimlessly like some people. Even after loosing weight and increasing my metabolism, I still need to monitor what I put in my mouth every day. I have days I don’t do that but 90% of the time I don’t have that luxury like some people do. I have to treat food as a fuel to my body most of the time and not so much as something for entertainment. Apparently Jujubes and peanut butter cups are not food groups anymore and I can’t fuel myself with those very often.

Instead of rambling for days on end, I figured I would just give some examples of my typical day for eating. I could try and explain everything I did for weight loss but it really is too complex in a short blog. Who knows maybe I will finish writing a book I started about it someday because it really is complex. Actually the book has been pretty simple it is our human body that is so darn complex and amazing at the same time. I was able to learn so much about the human body during my weight loss that I am so amazed at it, I now try to treat it much better and support my body and health more. We really are a group of amazing mammals and we take ourselves for-granted.

Ok so here is a typical day and and options

7:00 Breakfast

1. Protein shake and piece of egg fritatta or scrambled eggs. Both contain veggies, I love broccoli with my eggs. I hate eggs FYI But I eat them often. Or I use Egg Creations (liquid eggs in a carton) Key is lots of veggies and hot sauce or salsa to get me through it. I also have my coffee and start my day with a huge glass of water before I even put food in my mouth.

Other option Protein shake and Bran Flakes Ceral or single slice of whole grain toast and peanutbutter.

9:30 am Veggies and Humus or Rice crackers and laughing cow Cheese or greek yogurt

11:00 am – couple of pieces of cheese or 12 almonds

12:30 Salad with Chicken breast, or Blue menu Chicken strips or Blue Menu Sausages with a piece of fruit

3:00 pm Greek yogurt or cheese or a protein bar (good quality watch out for garbage ones) piece of fruit

4:30 -5:00pm if I have a long work out I might save protein bar for now or some nuts

I generally work out at 5pm right after work or right around then.

7-8pm Dinner Lean meat – Fish, pork or chicken. I usually incorporate Black beans, salad or veggies fill about half my plate and I am about 4-6 oz of lean meat. Quinoa in place of rice for me. I will have rice the odd time but very little. I may also have sweet potatos along with the veggies and protein.

8-9pm I will have an apple and peanut butter or rice crackers or pita bites with cheese and salsa. Or when I am in high volume phase of training I have another protein shake.

One day a week I allow myself to eat junk food. Chips, Nachos and cheese. But I measure it out and take a proper serving size. I don’t eat mindlessly. Unlike my training partner that just loves food and my wife that loves carbs (don’t we all, who doesn’t love fresh bread) I suffer more from emotional eating. I eat bad things when stressed and I eat a LOT of it.

Basically I have a very protein and fat based diet. I limit my carbs and make sure I eat protein with my carbs. I limit my pasta, rice, bread intake to very minimal. As a former diabetic carbs are not my friend. Nor are they friends for anyone that is dealing with weight loss and has a large mid section. I have helped a few people loose weight now and with an Engineering background I continue to gather data the supports my thoughts. I have had a few that didn’t have success but every time I find out they are not following what I have suggested for food or they stop exercising all together. I am not saying the Atkins diet is what I follow I am not a no carb person. But I am a lower carb person. I try to eat 35-45% protein 25-30% carbs 25-30% Fat (good fats from lean meat and nuts and BACON) I love bacon and I do eat it but stick to a few slices at a time.

Biggest part for me is food is a FUEL for your body. You have to enjoy it sometimes but it really isn’t there for entertainment all the time. And here is the thing if you eat less processed foods and you are loosing weight you might find you have to eat MORE and more often. Look above I rarely go more then 3 hours without some food. Nor do I ever eat more then about 400 calories at a time. Any more and your body can’t process or use it. And with Carbs this means it takes it converts to sugar then converts to fat and stores it Straight on my ASS and my gut for later. Might store it in other places for you. But this beer gut is really a junk food gut and I am glad to say it is mostly gone.

I drink water 99% of the time and have about 2-3 Liters a day, more in the summer. I like a diet pop on weekends. I drink the odd beer, glass of wine, rye (wisky for you Americans) and diet coke in the summer when BBQing

So no you can’t sit back and drive jujubes, Peanut Butter cups, A full bag of chips in your mouth at night and expect to be skinny and blame the rest of the world and make excuses as to how its not your fault. Take a look at what you are putting in your body and all the bad things you are doing to yourself when you emotionally eat, or mindlessly eat in front of the TV.. The only person responsible for how you are right now is YOU. You can’t argue with me because that was me for 36 years only I decided to win my fight over myself. It isn’t easy but it is POSSIBLE….. And can someone please tell me where my wife hid the last peanut butter cup in this house I really want one right now darn it.

Well someone pointed out I should cover and talk about eating and weight loss. I gave a little speech about it at our running clinic on Tuesday for the learn to run people and well I didn’t do that great a job at it with running late from work I basically rambled on like a silly fool instead of someone structured



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Boston Marathon – Measuring Success

Nice title hey. Guess what I am not running the Boston Marathon! Why not you might ask? Go ahead ask I am waiting….. Ok first off I am not fast enough, nor do I have a desire to run a full Marathon those people are insane you know. But I totally signed up for a Half Ironman so I am normal right? I will say I finally know someone that is running the Boston Marathon personally. Funny how my circle of friends is changing to the point I actually know someone. I can only imagine all the training and hard hours she put in to get there. Funny how healthy people eventually surround themselves with like minded other healthy people. Check out Kim’s Blog here

I will say this, I am not an expert at running a marathon (I can pretend to be one if need be) but my words of advice to Kim is something Rob passed on to me just before my A race. “All the hard work is done, now it is time to enjoy what you have trained for.” He was so right. Besides you are running the Boston Frigging Marathon. AWESOME. PS I promise Stef and I won’t have a 50% off sale at the store while you are gone. I suggested it but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. KIDDING ! Take in all the race has to offer and know you are of a select few, even if it doesn’t feel like it in that huge swarm at the race start.

How do I measure success? While tonight was the first night of our first Learn to Run clinic and we had over 25 people out with full attendance tonight. Smiling faces, lots of questions and of course it went from cloudy and bright outside to dark and snowing and raining and everyone came. That is success if you ask me. The face this is like my 6th run clinic I have helped run with my friend Stef and my wife was out to help too. That is success if you ask me. The fact that more and more people in our community are stepping up and changing their life. That is success! The fact that some of the people we had in earlier clinics are out inspiring others and helping to change their friends and their family’s. That is success.

There isn’t a single race or personal best time that will ever replace the real success of what I see in our community now. And I am finally accepting the fact that I am having a bit of an impact on that. That someone helped change me and I have help to change others and they have gone beyond that and helped change others. The fact our run clinics sold out in one night and created large waiting lists for the next one.  Check out the store, along with the RunCK clinic info Up & Running.

How do you measure success? Seriously I want to know how you measure success right now in your life? Is it how many cars you have? How big your house is? How much money you have? Blah, that is all monetary stuff that can be replaced and doesn’t mean as much to me any longer. For me I am finding new ways and new meanings to my life all the time now. I am not sure how I measure personal success. First it was weight loss, then physical fitness, then completing my first triathlon, my first 5k race my first half marathon all great tools to measure yourself by. But impacting others there is no yard stick, no gauge, no measurement tool I can use. But the reward is far better then the ones that have measurement tools…..

All the best to Kim at Boston and all the best to all our new runners at run clinic…..

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