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Tough decisions, long term goals, and new beginnings

Well I am filled with mixed emotions lately when it comes to working out and where I am at. My knee is still down and out from an injury. I attempted a short run/walk last week and it wasn’t hurting but I could tell it wasn’t healed. I had my hopes up that I could do my sprint triathlon on Fathers day. I could just go out an put in a good swim, hammer the hell out of my bike and put up a fast bike split and then jog lightly through the run. At least that is what I hoped I could do.

Well After talking to a few people reality has set in. I am not healed and I am not in a position to run nor would I be happy going down to the race and having to walk on the run. Bigger part is, would I get caught up in the race and run harder then I should run and inflict more damage to my already injured knee? That would really ruin my summer or worse yet ruin my goal race of REV3 Cedar Point Half Ironman. After being trapped in a coffee shop with my training partner during a rain storm on a bike ride, the conversation came up about Leamington Triathlon. Little did anyone know I was considering hard about a DNS we talked quickly and I mentioned it to my wife as well and they confirmed what I already knew but didn’t want to accept. I will be back to right my wrong at Leamington in 2013. That damn course owes me a good race, I have yet to have one there.

Long Term goals remember it is my HIM race at REV3 Cedar Point. Ya so some discussion with a friend coaching me about my recent lactate testing(more on this next blog) from Transition Point Training my heart sank just a tiny bit. Her paragraph started with this  ” That said, we’re 13 weeks out from Rev3 CP” Thanks Elaine 😉  GLUP ok I am only 13 weeks out from my first 70.3 Race and I am not even running and work has been getting in my way a bit lately and I have missed some swims and soon the pool closes for renovations and and and.. OMG someone get me a bottle of oxygen a beer and a valium. Don’t put my heart rate monitor on me now. My resting heart rate is like 900 million thousand beats a minute. OK BREATH …… I have a whole 13 weeks and probably won’t be running for another 2 weeks.

Racing is like life, things happen and you re-evaluate and adjust your plan. I think at this point I will just be happy to build enough base to run the half marathon at the end of race. I think my goal time I had for my run is tossed out the window and that is ok. I will have to work harder on my swim and my bike to make up some time. And I fully expect that at some point in that race I will have to re-evaluate again and change plans mid race. It is like life you can do that you can change plans when you want. My goal is to make it to the race and finish my first.

As for the new stuff. I have recently taken up Yoga and it much harder then I thought. I find it is engaging my core, upper body and it feels like I have been to the chiropractor and massage therapist at the same time. I highly recommend it and yes I am past that bad stage. Secondly our Learn to Run clinic just came to an end and I am kind of sad now. The last few weeks I have had to ride my mountain bike with everyone that is running and you just don’t get that same connected feeling. But I am excited that we helped a great bunch of new runners accomplish a goal of becoming runners and to hear them sitting around after the clinic tonight and talking about doing a 10k clinic next or a half marathon or I want to run this race or eventually run a full marathon (by the way if you said a full I think you are nuts and I won’t point out who said that) LOL But I left with a big smile on my face as I rode my mountain bike home and for the first time I wasn’t bummed that I couldn’t run home after clinic for a few extra running miles. Congrats to all of you, I am proud of the lifestyle change you all made. I hope to heal up and see some of you on the drop in runs at Up & Running on Thursday nights.


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Injuries are not always avoidable

So it has been way too long since I blogged. I will try to keep it short and start updating more. I missed a few weeks then guilt set in and I stopped blogging all together and then 3 weeks ago I had an old dude in a car run into me. Albeit lightly but it hit me in my right knee and knocked me down. I was on a sidewalk and he was leaving a parking lot, I thought for sure the eye contact we made was enough. Anyways I got up and was about 3.5km into a 16-17km run. Part of me wanted to go home but the angry part of me kept running and finished at just over 16km and felt pretty good. I did push my pace a little more then I should have due to anger.

Next day my Good knee was a tiny bit sore. I say good knee because I have had issues with my left knee since I injured it riding motocross growing up. I have never had an issue with my right knee. Well a few more runs later and this little niggle in my knee turned into tendonitis. I caught it fairly early and stopped running and walked back in from a run clinic I help with. I made the right choice but unfortunately the damage was done. I have been riding my mountain bike on run clinic night with the group but you know you just don’t get the same connection with people that way when you are not running with them. I have been Icing it and going to physio and I even started Yoga to help with the stretching more. I am doing all the right things and yet I am 2 weeks away from the only local triathlon I have signed up for this season. And this (insert graphic word here) course owes me something from last year after a horrible swim and a god awful side stitch the whole run. It looks like I won’t be able to go out and get what I want out of this course. But I have a bigger goal this year and it is more important to focus on that.

My REV3 Cedar Point 70.3 Half Ironman distance race is my A race. I know I know I have two more weeks of rest and not running so we shall see. Physio, Ice, Yoga, Massage I am going to hit it all this week. But Leamington might become a swim bike walk this season. I will not risk taking myself out for several months for this little race. I will come back in 2012 and hand this course it’s ass and I will hammer the living hell out of my bike this year. So the bad news for me is if my knee isn’t good the race will suck a little the good news for my friend is I am going to put the carbon fiber wheels on her bike.. SHHHH she doesn’t know this yet but if I can’t run no sense on having them on my bike.

Ok this brings me to dealing with injuries. They happen you can sit at home and sulk and let me tell you I have certainly done that. But you can also use it to do other things. My Coach Elaine has worked with me to change my plans and it has helped me to improve my swimming. My swim volume has picked up greatly and swimming doesn’t hurt my knee. I still seem to be able to bike although I can’t hammer the bike like I would like to. And I have tossed in cross training and Yoga. I made fun of Yoga for years but let me tell you the 90 mins is a work out and great stretching. I highly recommend it. It has shown me that the mild stretching I do and yes I do more then you, you know who you are, I am talking about you! isn’t enough. As it was said to me, it is the one exercise that actually elongates your muscles instead of compresses them.

Fore warning eat properly and hide at the back of the class because you are likely to have an embarrassing moment like I did. Yep that is right going from one move to the next it snuck up on me. I totally farted and I know that some of the people around me heard me. I think I even heard a snicker and I am pretty sure my face went as red as the shirt I have on now. But I am a guy so it also made me giggle after class. Why is it as a guy farts are funny from the time we are like 2 yrs old. Anyways there is me sharing too much personal information. You might fart in yoga too but if you can get over it and go back the next week it will benefit you.

I leave you with this. You need the right mind set and the ability to adapt to deal with things when life throws changes at you. And the wisdom to know when to stop so you don’t injure yourself worse. Race days can be like this as well. Go out with a plan but be prepared to change your plan when things don’t go the way you want. If you can adapt to change you can get through anything.

Train Safe

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