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Remember When

First off let me apologize for taking so long to update. It has been way too long since I updated my blog and here is why. I have been dealing with that small knee injury. Or so I thought it was, or should I say so I hoped it was. It’s time to talk about reality now and sometimes reality sucks actually most of the time reality sucks. It is the small bits of Awesome thrown in here and there that make up for all of it. Remember when I said goals sometimes get moved or you have to adapt, Ya well here I am moving a goal and adapting.

I sent an email to REV3 triathlon Monday to remove myself from my Half Ironman Distance race. Reality is I went into my Doctor yesterday and I have been refereed to an orthopedic surgeon and my MRI is scheduled for Sept 17th and my HIM was to be Sept 9th. I just got back from a week of vacation where just prior to going I slipped and my knee was strained. I ended up with a large swelling and reduced range of motion. Reality is something bigger then tendonitis is wrong with my knee. I was kind of ignoring it and hoping for the best. Come on the rest of you runners and triathletes know exactly what I mean. MEH its just a little tweak I should be good in no time. Well not this time. The speculation is Bursitis (ruptured sack of fluid) Possible Torn Meniscus and possible torn MCL or highly Strained MCL. It can also be severe strains. Now here was the tough part to swallow at first, he told me I should stop running and pick up another exercise. Well I don’t know what triathlon magazine he is reading but they all end in a run. It makes it real hard to do a damn triathlon without the run at the end. So pardon my french but I have decided he is a GP and he can…. COVER YOUR EARS… He can go F*CK HIMSELF. I warned you.  I could offer you the PG 13 version but then that just makes me want to punch him in the crotch.

I was bummed yesterday and kind of ate like crap yesterday and well a lil bit today to. What can I say I am an emotional eater it is my down fall. Anyways the upside was I went back and read my blog about goals moving and I was right. Sometimes goals move and lets look at the good. MRI is scheduled. Surgeon is on stand by and I will take surgery if that is what it takes to do my HIM next year. I get to transfer my entry to a great person and let her get a discount I got for an early sign up. In fact I might lend her my tri bike so she can kick @SS at the race. My Carbon Wheels will be on another friends Bike so she can kick butt too.

I just completed my Rebreather Trimix course for Scuba diving and I see more diving in my future as It can sustain my knee being used underwater. I finally went under 200lbs on the scale for the first time since probably public school. I have realized I have a few great friends in my life and family. It honestly tears me a part to not do this HIM and I am remaining calm, because a race is just a race. It was a goal for me to push for weight loss and to work out with my friend/training buddy. I hope I can still bike the rest of this summer, I am going to need something to work these chocolate bars and ice cream off. I had a great person coaching me towards this HIM and Elaine, thank you sooo much. I am so sorry I couldn’t do this for both Elaine and Stef who have invested time into me to get me where I am today. I miss helping with Learn to run clinics and the Up&Running Crew. I have avoided the store because it makes me sad to be around when everyone is there. Cycling and Yoga for my future until things are dealt with.

Goals are flexible 2012 is not my year. But I make all of you this Promise 2013 will be my year to do a HIM it is a goal I won’t let go of. So if you ever miss a goal who cares. Reset the goal and go out and get it when you are capable. And I mean when you are capable not when you are ready. If you are busy waiting to you are ready you will never do it. You are ready now to hit your goals you just don’t damn well know it. Lace up your shoes, pump up your tires, put down the junk foot and get out and stay active.

Watch for me in 2013 to complete my first Half Ironman. IT WILL HAPPEN


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