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A Fairwell to my best friend-

If you don’t like sad things. I suggest you close the page now and move on. If you can bare with me then you will understand why and you likely already know anyways about the passing of my best friend, my puppy Sasha.

Today I had to help my best friend over the rainbow bridge. I had to say good bye to my beloved Sasha. I knew this day would come sometime and I have lived in fear of it for a while now. I did not know it would be this hard. So to help me through this I am going to do what I do. I am going to write down here and help get it off my chest if only to ease a little pain.

Nov 9 2002 Sasha was born. Tina and I were on a long waiting list and frankly the list was even longer to start. See I had to convince Tina to get a dog she really never wanted a dog. I on the other hand wanted an Alaskan Malamute since I was about 15-16. Once I selected a breeder and Tina and I went up to meet her and her dogs it only took a few wooos and some howling and prancing paws to convince her that she was now a dog person. I remember I was driving home from way up north snowmobiling when we got the call we could pick her up. I came home turned around and right back up to London to get her. She had the worst puppy breath ever. If you are ever thinking of a Malamute this is one downside that is for sure.

We brought home the little bundle of joy and loved her and snuggled her. We tried caging her like a good dog and puppy to start and did it in another room. Right off the bat she showed us how stubborn and determined she was. She would back up and slam the cage to move it closer to the door to come see us. I had to give in and put her cage beside us in the Bedroom. At 40 lbs I tied her to my snowmobile to run in the house while BBQing and I came back out to find my snowmobile 8 feet further ahead. Determined strong bugger who didn’t want to be away from us. I also remember her one ear finally lifting and going into place from floppy puppy ear. It was like two weeks later and Tina thought her other ear was broken and might never go into place. Well it did finally. Which is good, I was afraid I might come home and find that Tina duct taped the ear up.

She was born near the same time as a friend of ours son. I recall them coming over to see her and he was sound asleep in baby carrier and Sasha tore over him and cause the carrier to to a full barrel roll. Needless to say the little dude never woke up. Sasha ate 2 of our couches as a puppy and I am sure I was mad at her and yelled. But she still wagged her tail and kissed me as to say “Hey I did a good job on this giant stuff toy right?”

We had numerous trips to Tobermory with her camping and walking up town where she would woooo at everyone until she got everyones attention. Or she would wooo at us and I would always talk to her like she was chewbacca from star wars “What’s wrong with the hyper drive chewy?” She won everyone’s heart where ever she went. But she never won Tina or I’s heart. She completely Stole it from us and we loved every minute with her. My dog soon turned into Tina’s big 85 lb lap dog. We took her swimming at the light house in Tobermory and down the boat ramp where she wanted to eat or chase the ducks. She laid by campfires where I was always worried her giant coat would go up in flames some day because she got so close to it.

She even helped me get back into running a few weeks ago after my knee surgery when I took her on a few runs. I could go on and on and on about all the amazing things she did for myself Tina and others. Converted a few non dog lovers to Sasha lovers. Watching her turn this weekend was a rough thing to do. So Tina and I spent last night and this morning giving her lots of snuggles. I never thought I could do it but I took her in this morning and yes putting a dog down is rough. But she has been in pain for a while and she was stubborn enough to keep fighting pain. We knew it was time and to watch her go to peace today put me at ease. She had a smile on her face and I could tell the pain she had this weekend was gone. She had lost a lot of weight the last few weeks and wasn’t eating. Xrays on Sunday showed a Large Mass in her stomach that was pushing things over and making it hard for her to eat and digest and causing pain. I seen enough pain and I was able to relieve her of that and see her at peace today.

I am torn between tears of sadness and happiness hitting my keyboard as I type. I just spent some time with Tina and hung her collar up on the mirror of my car so she will always be with me. She is running free now with many other friends dogs. She is at the Rainbow Bridge and no longer in pain and I hoep she is woooing and stomping her feet playing in the snow where I will be reunited with her some day. The day you say good bye to your best friend is harder then any other. Because they love you unconditionally like no human can. They listen to you on sad days happy days and they just love you no matter what. An Unconditional love that can never be replaces.  I didn’t want to put this out there I know it will upset some of you as you read. But as I pulled in my drive way and didn’t see a dog in the window the pain in my heart needs to be relieved and this is one of the only ways I know how.

I am sorry if I upset anyone.

Tina and I both love our beloved Sasha “Terrapin’s Sugar N’ Spice” A sweet heart that I will never be able to replace. My heart aches for you baby. Run Free           sasha5



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