Coming back from Surgery

So what is it like to come back from knee surgery and get back into running, swimming, cycling, triathlon? Well IT SUCKS my Royal you know what. Go ahead fill in the blank with your own foul word. I will wait for you. If you have been through injuries and surgery like me then you will likely use more then one foul word. I am ok with that as I have forewarned people my blog may have these words from time to time.

I have to say physically it is going better then I thought it would. I have done some running on the treadmill and more recently outside and even had the opportunity to connect with a running buddy I have run with since just after I started running. This was pretty awesome because running alone right now is something I am not good at. See being out of commission for so many months has brought about a new condition for me. Ok it isn’t so damn new it really made part of my old life I had for so many years resurface. The sitting on the couch playing video games eating jujubes and junk food like it a food group from the Canada food guide. Turns out this is not really what you are supposed to do. I am really struggling to put down the junk food and work out. I am eating ok during the day but I tend to come apart at night.

My commitment to myself needs to improve. I had more drive when I was 80 lbs heavier then I do now. So this last week I have been to yoga, spin classes, swimming and even got up and ran before work in the bitter cold wind. I have to tell you when I was working out all the time, I hated the odd workout and I would push through it and move on. Right now I hate and I mean I hate every workout. I don’t want to be there, I don’t want to work out my brain is screaming at me to just stop the whole damn time. I keep pushing through this and I am not sure who will win the fight yet. It took all I had last night to make it to the YMCA and swim. Every workout feels so hard to do as well because of my decreased cardio and muscle and the extra 20+ lbs I have on me right now.

Upside we start run clinics at Up&Running in less then two weeks. This has always inspired me to meet new people who can not run at all (ps I am not a fast runner) But most of these people in our learn to run clinic bring me back to my roots and where I started and remind me of how hard it was to just start. And how blessed I am to weigh less now and live a more active lifestyle and how I was able to turn my life around and start something new for myself. I can’t wait to meet some of these new people and help them change their life the way I have changed mine. They don’t know it yet but they are all about to inspire me. They might be looking to a former fat guy like me to inspire them but the reality is I need them right now as much as they will need me.

So here is to 2013 learn to run clinic with my friends and running gurus that I do this with and all the new and past people I have seen in clinics.

I hope I can keep pushing through this mental block and you can inspire me. Because this year I am going back to Leamington Triathlon and fixing all my mistakes I made last time. I might have to run a little slower because of my knee. But that just means I need to work harder on my swimming and my cycling.

To anyone else out there injured. You can get through it and if you have tips on the recovery side let me know. I am really hoping it is just this crappy winter weather still dragging me down. I think we should take wiarton willie and threaten him with his little gopher life.. oh wait ground hog life whatever that stupid rodent is he isn’t getting my vote for Premier in the next election.


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