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Ok is summer really coming

So I have come to a realization that having surgery has caused some other issues. I have all kinds of tightness on my opposite side. Likely from it having to do more work while I was waiting for surgery. Regardless I have been to yoga off and on and running off and on. A few swims here and there and I have been out biking a bit. But to be truly honest with you and everyone, I have been slacking right the heck off. I have had the excuse of crappy weather and it doesn’t feel nice out and it is raining and snowing. I don’t want to hurt my knee etc etc.

Well I was reading a little today about something in finance and sales called the compound effect. Where sales people work hard and start with very little in the financial world but one lead turns into another lead and soon that person is making 3 or 4 calls a day that are real leads. They sell a little here and there and keep working their way up. I have had this discussion with a friend that is in the finance world and I think he has done pretty good for himself. He talks a lot about his early years and how he made no income at all and could barely pay his bills. I think his career has changed since then. He pushed past another thing I am aware of in life a kind of tipping point or separation point. That hard spot where people get to and then give up or stop trying. Once you reach this separation point or tipping point and you push past it and keep going you can then experience the compound effect. This is where things start to come together. For my friend it was years later he finally started to see success in the investment world and then become a bit of an elite investor with high end clients. He didn’t get there by luck or pure skill. He managed to get there because he pushed past the tipping point and then the compound effect started to work. One high end client invested then another then he told a friend who told a friend and the compound effect kicks and and it keeps on growing. Because he was willing to stick it out and push pass all of this.

Well I think the compound effect can work the other way too. Miss one workout, have one thing go wrong in your life and then feed into it then another thing goes wrong and another. Soon you are not working out at all and you are gaining weight and eating candy and chocolate and why bother it is too late you have slipped too far. Then you start breeding negativity and laziness and soo you are so far from the tipping point, that you can not even see it again. This is where I have been as of late. However I can see the tipping point once again. I am just working on dealing with the compound effect and utilizing it as a tool to get me back to where I was. I am less then 2 months away from my first triathlon this season and I am 25 lbs heavier then last year and I am hardly working out. I will start again and I will get over the separation point where you want to give up and push pass.

You see the compound effect started for me about 3 years ago, myself and my weight and a friend helping me run and do my fist triathlon. From there years later I see the compound effect now. I see how it has grown from doing a few triathlons and a couple of small learn to run clinics. It has compounded to the point where there are now Several running clubs and boot camps in Chatham. Maple City Mile, Up & Running, RunCK, St.Clair College Healthplex, YMCA running groups. Blair Brothers Boot Camp, Ben Labadie Boot Camp. Chatham is has now launched TRICK a triathlon club that is just getting off the ground. Now I am not Claiming that Stef or myself were the only people to make this happen. But I like to think that we helped become part of this compound effect and we helped people learn to run and in turn they inspired others and those people inspired others. All of these people in groups are doing great things that are compounding to make our community a much more healthy community. Coming from a town that is at the top of the charts with heart problems. I hope each of you in these clubs, running groups and boot camps realize you are part of the compound effect and that you inspire others. I don’t just mean the people that run the clubs but the people that participate in their very first boot camp or couch to 5k clinic. You are the future of this effect, you are the expansion of this revolution in a healthy lifestyle.

It is the return to our learn to run clinic this spring that is inspiring me to see that tipping point again and know that it is a goal within reach. That I can push past this feeling and these sensations and make a full return to triathlons and running. It is some running partners I have had along the way that I started running with again that motivate me and make me committed to do all of this again this year.

Two things to carry you through this season. Push past that separation point. That point where you become the new you and don’t look back at the old you. That point where you don’t think you can do this any longer but really you can. That point where you want to quit but know that you shouldn’t and that you don’t have to. That point where you stop listening to your own excuses and just get up and move. From this you will eventually see the compound effect with family and friends around you and you will have created impact.

To my friend Stef. If you could only ever realize how much you were part of starting this revolution in myself and so many others. You would realize that you have had way more impact on people you may not even know and you would understand you have more purpose in life than you may ever know.

Happy 2013 Race Season.


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