2013 Winding Up

Well long time no blog again. The reality is that I have sat down and started to write updates several times. My blog is my spot where I am most honest with myself and if you know me then you know that I have had a heck of a roller coaster of a year. So with respect to a conversation that Amie and I had about tough conversations and a great TED talk video about tossing out a hand grenade. Here is the hand grenade and the main reason I avoided updating my blog. Yes I am now divorced from my wife and it isn’t that I don’t like her or that we don’t like each other, we have simply grown apart and are on different paths. I now have a Girlfriend who has two great kids of her own and we now have a Daughter who turns 2 months old tomorrow. No sugar coating no down play or up play. It is what it is and I am running into people who are scared to talk to me or look the other way. Why because as Amie and I talked, tough conversations are tough conversations. And in the world of social networking I think people have an even harder time talking in person. Because we are busy trying to portray some perfect image on social networking sites where we hide what we think are flaws or things we don’t want people to know. The reality is each and everyone of you have a closet to come out of and things you are hiding or don’t know how to talk about. Think about it for a minute or two. Is your social network image the real you? Regardless there it is out in the open so if you see me don’t be afraid to speak to me about anything. I am learning myself how to openly speak about everything.

Now onto the working out triathlon, running, swimming etc side of me. Along with this I have not really worked out this year as my life has been busy and I am adjusting. But I am now finding a balance and working towards a balance.  I sold my triathlon bike to a friend so that he could have a chance to ride, train and race on a triathlon bike. He will put it to good use there is no doubt about that. I made justification in my own head that I could get away with a road bike only. And I had a tentative deal setup for a newer triathlon bike in the works. Reality is that deal has fallen through and I am sad that my bike is gone. But with that comes the fun of looking for a new bike and educating myself on what I want. Happy bike shopping to me in the near future and in 2014.

Onto the other part and that is getting back to setting some goals. I need to set some goals that are manageable and realistic for myself. I realize without goals I don’t get off my bum and do anything. And frankly I can’t see my own bum because it is behind me and right now that might be good as I am up on weight. This fall I completed Detroit Half Marathon again and although I managed to shave 5 mins off my last time. I did that by starting the training late and missing 30% of my training runs. I paid for it the last 3 km in severe pain and for a few weeks after the race. But I managed to get it done and came home and put my medal on my 2 week old daughter. Who was down at the race watching me. Not that she is going to remember, but I believe it was important to set that impression from the start for her. That her Dad not only ran a Half Marathon when she was 2 weeks old but that her Mom Amie not only supported me but initially challenged me to do the race and show that we both managed commitments and time and worked as a team to make achievements. I wouldn’t have done it without my two training buddies as well. Thanks Pru and Carla.

So here it is 2014 goals. This came to me as I was on my ride home tonight. I can’t dedicate time to long races next year but I can dedicate time to short races. I want to PR on a 5km run next year. I will aim for the first run of the season Stef and I normally go to. I skipped it this year and I regret it. I want to get stronger on the bike and the run. Again I am going to focus on short distance and speed. I am going to rely on Mark in the future to push me along with a few others. I am going to run with a running stroller it should help build endurance and I am going to focus on short distance runs and my eating. I won’t focus on my eating until after we get through the holidays and probably even January. After that I am going to focus greatly on my eating and my weight to get down to a race weight to support faster runs. I will not race anything over 10km next season. Frankly I have never done a 10km race and I want to add that to my list of goals.


Fastest 5km run10km race (never done it so it will be my fastest)

Beat my Sprint distance time at Rondeau

Attempt another triathlon somewhere other then Leamington and Rondeau and maybe even try an Xterra race.

Those are my 2014 goals so far. I may add more as time goes on. So I have dropped my grenade and all the info is out there and I am now back to blogging, working out and leading by example. I have a beautiful healthy daughter that needs me to ensure I am a good example. I have a great Girlfriend that supports and challenges me. And my Daughter has a sister and a brother that I also want to be an example for as well.  See you on the road, in the pool, on a run or in my blog.

I recently posted this and it makes perfect sense to me more now then ever.

So many times I wish I could have lived my life without making any wrong turns. In reality, a path like that doesn’t exist. We fall. We get lost. We make mistakes. We get up and live. – To me this means success.


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