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It was pointed out to me by my cousin at Christmas that I have completely stopped blogging. I would have to say she made a very valid statement. I have been pretty happy in my life and wrapped up in it, I would say I have turned slightly inward and didn’t feel the need to blog. But also forgot that having a blog means being active on it and having some kind of digital history for my family to read. Like the kids or other friends I haven’t connected with in a while physically but
Fear is something I blogged about before and hard conversations. I guess blogging leads to similar things happening. The longer you don’t blog the more you fear that it has been too long, and why bother now. Kind of like friendships and acquaintances you have in your life. Sometimes you wish you would spend more time talking to them or making sure you catch up with them. But then life gets in the way and time passes and then you fear you have nothing in common or you are too exhausted to get up and do anything with someone. You make more excuses for not seeing them or catching up. You find the one or two things that maybe they annoy you with and generate and internal reason why not to catch up. Lets face it we are all annoying in some way or another. I am sure I do a lot of things that get on a lot of peoples nerves. By they way I am not asking any of you to input the answers in the comments section, please keep those to yourself. This blog hosting company only had so much data !!! You can keep those thoughts to yourself or at least chuckle about them without me. Not that I don’t want to improve myself, but I would hate for all of you to start comparing notes and realize I am not as good as I think I am. BAHAHA. ok ok stop laughing, wipe up the coffee you just spit out.
The reality is I feel I dedicated my year to my household, my daughter, my partner, the other kids and my first year in my job. All of these were more important than working out. Racing triathlons and running with groups and cycling along with scuba diving for some part all took a backburner. At times our house is very busy and I wonder how some other people pull off the whole Martha Stewart everything is perfect approach. Well let’s not forget that she went to jail as well. So behind all that awesomeness that you see in some people who have it together. I am sure they fall apart behind the scenes from time to time like the rest of us. Or at least I will envision that they do so that I feel normalish.
Two times I blogged in 2014. So I am already 50% of the way there for 2015. I guess I have no where to go but up this year. I am getting back to working out now. I have somewhat linked back up with my old training partner, although times are limited and it will be more difficult to workout together. The fact that I get a message saying “Hey I am about to get on my spin bike and you should too” seems to help hold me accountable enough.  The other times are because Amie had also tried to encourage me to go do my workouts and make time for it. I am sure she suggested it about 5 times for every 1 time I got on the bike before Christmas. Regardless having people hold you accountable was a key to my previous success. I have been exhausted and drained from work everyday, I am definitely much more busy in this position as most days I take 5 min lunch at my desk while working. This year I am going to stop that. I need to stop sit down and eat properly again. I have admittedly put on 20 lbs since I started this job (shh its really more like 30) But I am calling it 20, I won’t say it is all my bad choices I have made here food wise. But rushing and not eating properly is definitely part of it. Running back to a desk and instead of eating properly. You opt to grab the quick to eat item.
The more I have worked out lately the more I remind myself it is easier to make better food choices than it is to have to work harder at running and cycling. Because let me tell you the 25 mins I spent on the treadmill the other night was pure crap. When I think of what I ate and what little 25 mins on a treadmill burns off. Well let’s stop talking about it. It is physically easier to control what I put in my YAP. Mentally it sucks cause I want peanut butter cups and icecream and bread. I would have to say that has been my biggest downfall the increase in bread and decrease in protein. I am working on changing this, mainly because of my family. As much as I want to blame the quick rushing family lifestyle and work for it being busy. The reality is I want to be around to see them in the future and I need to make better choices and lead by example.
So time to cut this off before I ramble on forever (not that I do that). I will say I was dreading coming back to work in the new year. I wanted that one more day off to complete a full 2 week block off. Seeing we spent over half of Christmas holidays with a sick household and running around to all the family functions etc. We finally had a few days to unwind and start to hang out. We are about to get back into a rush again of work and school and Amie finishing up her last semester of school. By the way she total rocked her first semester with a very impressive list of marks. WOOT WOOT. I woke up alone and left the house before anyone was awake on my first day back to work. There was some solace in the quite I had before heading to work to take on the day. Lucky I forgot my wallet and Amie had to drop it off to me. Why you ask? go ahead ask I am waiting…….. Ok because the min I open the door to the car and saw everyone smiling and happy, the kids saying hi and Kerrigan shouting Daaaie Daaaie. her version of Daddy. It makes me realize it is important to stay healthy and happy and a role model to the kids as they grow up.
Until my next blog. Which could be soon or hell I could wait till December. I mean I am 50% of the way there already at beating 2014. Ok technically 33% of the way in beating it.

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