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Quads of Fire

So as I type I can feel the burning in my legs. The burning of someone who just ran outside for the first time in what seems like forever. Based on this winter and my lack of exercise over the last year. I can say that I deserve this burning sensation completely today. I feel as if I ran a half marathon yesterday and I will be spending the next few days in recovery. Reality is that I only ran just a hair over 4 km at a pace much slower than I used to run. I blame the pace and the burning on the fact that the sidewalks were still covered in snow or water or that Northern atmospheric pressure caused this. Reality is I am just way out of running shape.

I was either sliding around and bumping into my running friend or splashing through puddles like a kid enjoying a soaker. I would normally state that I hate this sensation of cold wet feet. However yesterday in 6 Degree weather and sun shining down on my face, it was AMAZBALLZ.

Finally a glimmer of hope, some thawing of winter, the birds might have been chirping, the world may have looked like bliss and I might have been taking in all there was to take in during an outdoor run. Instead about 1 km into it I was weezing, burning side stitch, heart rate through the roof and moments of fear that I might be having a heart attack due to chest pains. Ok it was a side stitch and I am being a bit over dramatic. I can say I am still of the opinion that sometimes runs are great and sometimes they suck, but they always feel good when you are done them.

It is spring time remember to give yourself some grace. Running on a treadmill just isn’t the same as running out doors. Running for Maintenance through the winter isn’t the same as running all the time in the spring summer and fall. Some people around me managed to run all winter. I prefer not to suffer through that kind of miserable weather, they are better people than I am. I must enjoy my workout somewhat or I won’t do it. This is why I don’t do boot camps, they are not for me and I don’t enjoy them or find them to be fun. So I won’t stick with them.

With that said I came home from said run and we manage to cook a deeeelish quick and easy pork and black bean fajitas with my lovely partner. Between splitting up cutting, chopping cooking and dealing with the youngest kid. I sort of sat here today for a min and realized that dinner took place so smoothly and having a real partner is an amazing thing. We both took on different aspects of the work and just flowed through it, without having to ask each other. Mostly just both trying to help each other complete the task and enjoy the tasty goodness after. Sometimes life is crazy and busy and we don’t get to sit down much. Our house can be messy, there are always 2-3 loads of laundry on the go with 5 people in the house. The youngest daughter has hand prints on everything, even though I just washed them off the day before. Kids events to partake in or crafts or hanging out with the kids and saying to heck with the chores. Do the dishes pile up? does the house get messy 2 mins after you clean it? Will some people walk in my house and judge me. More than likely. But you know what, I don’t frigging care. I will take busy¬† work life followed by active lifestyles for all of us. Good partnership, good friendships and always on the go. Before I will ever take stuck at home always cleaning, being neat and tidy and never doing anything outside the house.

So bring on the summer weather, days at the beach or splash pad with kids. Future runs while the oldest child rides her bike with me. Family bike rides and swimming. BBQ’s and hanging out with Family. Amie enjoying Beach volleyball and some yoga with me. Scuba diving and motorcycle riding around the corner. I can now safely come out from hibernation and stop making excuses for not running outside. I guess I need to pick some races and or start sending messages to running friends to pick days we should get back running.

Just give me a few more days and a couple more jars of biofreeze and then we can plan next run.


By the way this means I blogged again. I will trump 2014 in no time.


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